Intended use

Intended Use
CirrhoCare is a digital therapeutic intended for assisted diagnosis, recommendations and therapeutic intervention for the management of new complications of decompensated cirrhosis.

Indications for Use
CirrhoCare will be applied for out-of-hospital specialist Hepatology follow-up and intervention of all adult cirrhosis patients, at risk of acute cirrhosis decompensation. Its principle use is foreseen in patients being discharged from hospital following recovery from acute cirrhosis decompensation, for assisted diagnosis of new complications of cirrhosis and their early intervention. As such, potentially preventable causes of cirrhosis decompensation when diagnosed, such as dehydration or hepatic encephalopathy, would be managed by a prescription digital therapeutic intervention by CirrhoCare. In patients who remain stable on CirrhoCare Management follow-up for up to 6 months, a more standard medium-term outpatient clinical follow-up pathway could be resumed. For those, who remain unstable or with signs of frequent new complications, CirrhoCare PDT management would be continued beyond 6 months.


  1. Patients
  2. Healthcare Professionals

How Users access the Device


Patients using the prescription code complete a registration / sign up procedure as part of the onboarding process.

Healthcare Professionals / Trained Operators

Healthcare Professionals need to be fully trained in the use of the software application.

Please refer this link for Instructions of use